Monday, May 14, 2012

The New Kitchen Being Put to Good Use!

As you know one of the new facilities in the refurbished building is a kitchen for resident use. In the age of celebrity chefs and numerous cooking programs, it was inevitable that residents would want to experiment in the kitchen. The above video concerning the 2012 ARC student recipe book is hosted by New Collegian Lucy Murrie (who is the editor this year) and the winner of last year's best recipe, Iain Cooper (a current resident of New College). And of course, the kitchen in the film is the New College shared kitchen that is part of the refurbished New College. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Final Shots of the Building

The building refurbishment has been finished for a few weeks now, although the last few bits of furnishing are still arriving for the courtyard. I thought I'd provide a few last photos to show just how good the building looks. But first my thanks to Lipman for a job well done. The picture below was taken on the day when the team had completed the common rooms and bedrooms. This was an important day for them and us, as it meant that residents were able to move in on time. Of course, they still had the courtyard and roof to complete. As you can see in the background, there was still a lot to do at that stage. But it's all done now!

The Key Lipman Crew Members
A view of the northern end of the courtyard
The new Games Room
The bridge in use as a study space
A space filled with light

A courtyard with varied all weather uses
The Lounge room doubles as a display wall in 'Love Week'
Viewed from the roof of the NCV
Viewed from the Village Green

A key requirement, we can still see the sky!
Thank you to the residents and staff of New College who have endured much during the refurbishment of the building. The good news is that we now have a wonderful building that is helping to add to the already rich community life. As one resident said to me over lunch recently, "The building is now so wonderful, the noise for the first few weeks of semester was worth the pain."