Saturday, December 31, 2011

The furniture begins to arrive

Progress continues at New. It has been encouraging to see lots of the rooms taking shape. Some are now receiving their joinery. The first batch of shelves arrived yesterday and units will be arriving daily for some time. Level 3 has progressed most with all services in place for the rooms, carpet well advanced and painting and fit-out commenced. Levels 1 & 2 are a little behind the 3rd floor, but all rooms are stripped, rendering completed where needed and services under way.

The joinery begins to arrive for bedrooms
The first pieces of joinery are going in (new shelves)
Services in place and carpet on the way on level 2

Painting the ceilings on level 3

Progress continues to be good in the courtyard. The skylights are all removed and the rest of the courtyard around them will be stripped soon as well as the concrete infills completed. The challenge with this work is to ensure that no water penetrates, so the stripping of the tiles is a progressive affair with covering (hence the frames) at the end of each day to keep water out.

The skylights have gone!

Progressive clearing of the courtyard.


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