Friday, January 20, 2012

Not the Skybridge, but it's a start!

Today was a big day on site as the 3rd floor bridge was installed. Perhaps one day we'll see the memorial 'Skybridge' but this bridge will be of great use too! It will be more than just a shortcut; it will be a large space where residents can sit, read, study, paint, do projects and just hang out in the winter sun.

The installation was a delicate operation with very little tolerance to turn the bridge in the courtyard and then to slide it into place from underneath. This is the type of event that builders hang out for; it was their day. There was great skill all round in this operation. You've got to admire the people who can build the things others design and engineer.  I'll let the photos tell the story.

The bridge was first constructed in the courtyard
The lift and the turn
Note the column at the right, almost no room for error
Up it comes
Line it up
A gentle lift and a wriggle
Slide it slowly
In place

The last bolt (see dogman on the left)

Done!! What a team.

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