Friday, January 27, 2012

Roof is taking shape

The refurbishment project is on a four day break at the moment due to the Australia Day holiday and normal industry practices that require a rostered day off following a public holiday and no weekend work. This was factored into the work program. Progress overall has been good. The photos below show one of the many rooms that are nearing completion. Progress has been good with the rooms and common rooms and this work is on schedule.

The roof and courtyard are perhaps a day or two behind, but the structure is taking shape. Rain and some other challenges on site caused by the complexity of the project have slowed progress a little, but the work is coming along well. The image below shows that about 50% of the main roof structure is in place. Work on the attachment system for the glass and polycarbonate is also underway which will allow some cladding to occur soon. The courtyard floor cannot be sealed and tiled until more of the structure is in place. However, the surface is prepared and all new penetrations for the stairs and ventilation are done. The shared kitchen is also taking shape (and it's huge!). 


  1. Photos of the kitchen, please! :)

  2. Hi Robbi,there isn't much to see yet except a cavity. When it starts to look like a kitchen I'll post some photos.