Friday, February 3, 2012

Progress Being Made in Spite of the Big Wet!

While progress on the courtyard and roof has been affected by rain this week, work inside the building has been going well. In spite of the rain, some progress has been made on the roof and courtyard. While the greatest challenge will be completing the roof and then the courtyard surface, games room and lounge, we are close to being on schedule. Our expectation is that the building will be ready to occupy as planned and notified to residents, with the final work on the roof and courtyard not likely to be completed until the end of O'Week (as scheduled). When the roof is completed, progress on the games room, bridge and courtyard floor will accelerate. If the rain stops this will help a lot.

The photos below give some sense of progress.

The rooms are mostly done on levels 2 & 3, and getting close on Level 1
The Common rooms are nearing completion
Some rooms have now been locked for occupation. Note the new sprinklers system is now installed
We have some issues with the bright feature walls, but we're working on this
The polycarbonate sheets started going on today
There are two strips of polycarbonate at the sides and a large strip of clear glass to come in the centre
The stair frame is in but the wooden steps, glass and stainless sides are yet to come. It is closed off to protect from the rain at the moment.    
The studios for visiting scholars are now taking shape

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