Thursday, February 16, 2012

The first residents return and the glass goes in

It was exciting to welcome back the advance party of residents to the building on Tuesday. The RAs returned after our annual retreat for residential advisers. The RA flats weren't quite done so they bunked in 3D. The NCSA exec and the O'Week Team returned yesterday. While the courtyard and the new shared facilities are about 2-3 weeks from completion, the rooms and common rooms look fantastic and the ground floor will be back to normal by Friday. The images below capture some of the early moments from Damien Wang's camera and my photos of the first glass sheets going onto the roof are from my excited camera.

The elevator now talks!
First look at 3E Common Room
Smile Trev & Amy
Sad Liz, "Where'd my old room go?"
Down the stairs
First sheet of glass is in!
Now the 2nd!

This is freaking me out!

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