Thursday, March 1, 2012

Steady Progress on the Roof & Courtyard

I haven't posted for two weeks, but O'Week has kept us all busy. Progress on the building has been good. While visually it has been hard to see the dramatic progress of some weeks, a great deal of work has been done on the courtyard floor, the Games Room and, the Lounge & Kitchen. As well, work on the louvres that protect the sides of the roof from rain has been underway. The engineering residents have had a field day observing the action form the balconies. All the while life in the common rooms and dining room has returned to 'normal' (if we ignore the noise and zones that residents can't access). However, completion of all spaces is expected within two to three weeks. Key achievements in the last two weeks are:

The courtyard slab floor has now been poured
Tiling is set to commence
The games room is taking shape with most of the glass walls installed
The ground floor apartments for visiting scholars and guests have been completed
The shared kitchen is almost ready for use

The photos below give some sense of progress.

Games Room Taking Shape
Completing the Courtyard Floor
New College Viewed from the top of the NCV

Normal O'Week Life in the Common Rooms

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