Saturday, March 10, 2012

Almost Done!

While there still seems a lot to finish the renovations to New College are nearing completion. The shots below were taken last Wednesday. Progress has continued since these photos were taken. Major progress has been made to:

The courtyard - most paving is now done and should be finished early next week.
The Bridge is finally looking as designed.
The Games Room & Lounge are taking shape.
The kitchen needs its oven and the floor tiling.
The central stairway is within a few days of completion.
The roof is completed although the downpipes and louvres to the sides are not finished.
Our expectation is that the majority of the work will be completed in a week.

The view from the 2A balcony
The floor is close to completion
The roof is finally covered with glass & polycarbonate
Louvres starting to take shape

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