Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're Getting There!! The building is taking shape.

1. Progress to date

Progress continues to be good on the building in spite of the wet weather. The photos below give a sense of progress, but there are many elements of the building that require a little more dry weather before we can push on to completion. In spite of this, we are on track for residents to return on the dates we have notified. Highlights of progress to date are:
  • Level 2 & 3 rooms and common rooms almost done and level 1 getting closer.
  • Rooms now being fitted out with bedding and even the resident's stored boxes of possessions in the case of returning residents (you don't even need to fight your way through a box room!).
  • Common rooms being fitted out with new (large) fridge/freezers, cushions for the bench seating and fixed tables near the kitchenettes.
  • Kitchenettes just about done.
  • The roof getting closer to completion due to some better weather this week (this is vital to finishing the floor of the courtyard).
  • Great progress on the ground floor apartments for visiting fellows.
  • Good progress on the ventilation system that will feed air into the courtyard from underneath the external colonnade (via under-floor plenums and bench seats with side vents).
The photos that follow give some indication of how good the building is looking.

2. The bedrooms

Typical room - note LCD light under shelves & sprinkler system above

Room just about ready for a resident (Note returning residents boxes waiting for them)
New curtains, new door locks & all new joinery
3. Common Rooms

The 3AB common room (note the new fridge ready to unpack and install near the table and kitchenette)

Seats to be installed on the benches to all common rooms (colours vary by floor)
A view of a Kitchenette and bench table - Note Daiana foreground, she's 'The Boss' who keeps the blokes in line (Lipman's Project Manager)
4. Roof & Courtyard

Father & daughter team leading the polycarbonate installation
Roof with most polycarbonate, glass to come and side awnings
Partially completed bench seats. Blackbutt tops covered to protect them before staining (vents on the side)

Stairway from the Dining room with wooden steps in place and sides to come soon.
The shared kitchen on level 1 (opposite the stairway) is still a work in progress but here's the view from the emerging Juliet Balcony.
One of the new apartments on the ground floor for visiting scholars & other guests

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